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Mrs. Greenbird - honest, handmade and maybe a little bit weird.

The folk pop duo Mrs. Greenbird from Cologne (Germany) provided one of the very rare music business success stories. Starting off as wedding singers in 2006, singer Sarah Nuecken and guitarist Steffen Brueckner played their way through bars, restaurants and laundromats to chisel their skills and build a solid fanbase. Mrs. Greenbird’s music is multifaceted, blending their strong harmony vocals with their very own musical style - they summed up in one simple word: Singersongwritercountryfolkpop. Fans often compare them to Scarlet and Gunnar from ABC's "Nashville" or reference them as "the german Johnny and June". But decide for yourself.

Their debut album „Mrs. Greenbird“ scored 2013’s first No.1 in the German album charts, and was awarded gold with about 170.000 copies sold. Also it received two ECHO-Award nominations. (German Grammies)

Mrs. Greenbird masterfully knows how to delight their fans at their live shows as well. Their 2013 tour was almost entirely sold-out and received the LEA-Award for the best club-tour. It was followed by a large number of critically acclaimed festival shows. Altogether more than 80,000 fans witnessed the band’s extraordinary live qualities. Cologne newspaper “Kölnische Rundschau” raved: “Sarah Nücken presented herself with a voice that gets under your skin from the very first beat. Haunting, crystal clear, with flattering heights, and most of all with perfect intonation, she made the songs pure joy to listen to. Her congenial music and life companion Steffen Brückner naturally provided his part, blending his guitar into a wonderful, harmonious unity with Nücken’s voice.“
Even international stars like Katie Melua, Anastacia and Academy Award winner Tim Robbins fell under their spell and invited them to join their shows in Germany.

For their second album „Postcards“, Mrs. Greenbird teamed up with multi-platinum producer Marshall Altman to shape their musical vision.
To capture the raw and authentic sound their music stands for, all songs were recorded with a live band in the historic RCA Studio A, where once Elvis Presley, Johnny Cash and Dolly Parton recorded their songs back in the days.
They tested the new songs in a sold out show at the famous „bluebird café“ and received raving feedback.
They came home with an album that draws from the good old american styles while displaying their unique style at the same time.
Short and sometimes quirky stories are revealed throughout their twelve original compositions to encourage people to find the courage to write their own story.

In spring and summer 2015, the band played an extensive tour and festivals shows with a full band setup only to return with a back-to-the-roots duo-tour named „the squirrel and the brontosaurus“ in fall.

Currently Mrs. Greenbird is working on album #3, playing selected shows and festivals in 2018 to try out new material.

Great things are coming! Stay tuned...

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